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Artison Architectural Speaker models are distinguished by their ultra-slim, magnetic micro-frame round grille, with an optional square grille available, offering a sleek and low-profile design that effortlessly integrates into any interior décor. Crafted for discretion, the paintable white grilles allow for seamless installation, ensuring that your speakers blend harmoniously with their surroundings, while delivering exceptional audio performance.

Experience precision engineering with a personalized touch through Artison Dual Centers. Unlike conventional “custom” speakers, our Dual Centers are meticulously engineered to size, guaranteeing optimal sound quality with every use. 


Cary Christie, the visionary CEO behind Artison, driven by a singular mission: to craft ultra-high-performance “plasma speakers” seamlessly integrated with flat panel TVs, creating a mesmerizingly immersive experience where technology seemingly vanishes. But Christie’s innovation doesn’t end there. He’s revolutionized surround speakers, introducing the most innovative designs seen in years. And that’s not all—imagine a subwoofer that defies convention, delivering thunderous lows with minimal cabinet vibration, thanks to radical reactance-cancelling technology. The result? A system that not only looks sleek but also delivers unparalleled audio performance, all while discreetly blending into your surroundings. With Artison, enjoy the best of both worlds: a visually stunning and acoustically superior entertainment experience that defies expectations.

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