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Chromecast with Google TV 4K is more than just a streaming stick with a remote—it’s one of the best streaming devices on the market. Google’s latest home entertainment device offers a user-friendly interface, supports virtually every streaming service you can imagine, and features Google Assistant for seamless voice control.

A series of new Android TV upgrades are set to give Roku and Apple TV some serious competition. One standout feature on Android TV is the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control. If you’re curious about the “4K” in the name, Google recently added it to distinguish this model from its newer, lower-resolution version, as highlighted in our review of the Chromecast with Google TV HD.


The Chromecast with Google TV 4K is competitively priced with Roku and Amazon Fire TV Sticks, but as our review shows, it’s the unique Google features that set it apart. The integration of Google services and a user-friendly interface make this device one of the best smart streaming options available.

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