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Smart Security Meets Smart Home

Clare Controls brings smart, secure, and straightforward home solutions, combining professional installations with DIY-style flexibility for modification and system expansion. Our smart home automation and security products are designed to enhance safety, convenience, and energy conservation, all while integrating entertainment and providing robust home security—all through a single, easy-to-use app.

We specialize in wireless smart home security communication, offering a cost-effective solution for our dealers while ensuring that homeowners remain secure and safe. Clare Controls’ products and services are available exclusively through a network of licensed and authorized dealers, ensuring professional support and reliable service. Experience the fusion of smart home technology with smart security through Clare Controls.

Clare Controls is led by founder Brett Price, a proven serial technology entrepreneur. In 1992, he co-founded Cheetah Technologies, a network management and test systems company, and grew it to an $80 million annual revenue with customers in more than 30 countries. After the sale of Cheetah, he launched Erin Media, a digital set-top media analytics company, which led to five patents now held by Neilson Media.

Brett’s inspiration for Clare Controls came from his work with Tempus Pro Services, a leading custom electronics design, installation, and service company. His leadership merges business savvy with technological expertise, earning him the respect and trust of Clare’s affiliates, builder partners, and staff.

Clare’s team is small but highly skilled, comprising specialists in their respective fields. This lean and focused approach ensures innovation and high-quality service, forming the backbone of Clare Controls’ commitment to smart home technology and security.

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