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Crown Audio: From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader in Audio Amplification

In 1947, Clarence C. Moore, a minister from Elkhart, Indiana, founded the International Radio and Electronics Corporation (IREC). What began in a converted chicken coop with open-reel tape recorders has evolved into the renowned audio powerhouse known today as Crown Audio Inc. Over the past 67 years, Crown has established itself as a leader in amplified sound, serving cinema venues, installed audio sites, touring rigs, portable PA systems, and commercial audio needs.

In March 2000, Harman International acquired Crown, and the company has continued its trajectory of innovation and excellence. A notable example is the 2013 release of the DriveCore™ Install (DCi) series, which includes both analog and network amplifiers for the installed sound market. This innovative series utilizes a single tiny chip to replace over 500 parts, making it one of the most reliable amplifier lines available.


Gerald Stanley, Crown International’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development, joined the company in 1964 as a tape recorder line technician and amplifier design engineer. Reflecting on Crown’s success, he says, “In an era of cookbook designs and buggy software, it would seem that the most basic lessons of history have been forgotten. Crown’s recipe is simple: design, build, and service each product as if you were the customer. This approach not only drives the product to excellence, it drives the people to be the best that they can be.”

Crown’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product innovation has made it a trusted name in the audio industry. The company’s products consistently meet and exceed expectations, whether on demanding tours or in complex installations. With a history of groundbreaking designs and a focus on customer needs, Crown Audio continues to lead the way in audio amplification.

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