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Electric Mirror

With Savvy, Elegance Meets Intelligence

Let’s be honest—most smart technology devices look exactly like what they are: boxy and uninspiring. They certainly don’t resemble chic, modern decor. That’s where Electric Mirror’s Savvy™ SmartMirrors™ come in, seamlessly blending smart technology with sophisticated design.

Electric Mirror is the first and only company to integrate advanced smart technology into the luxury and beauty of premium mirrors. The result is a range of exquisite SmartMirrors™ that are as functional as they are elegant. When Savvy is off, it looks just like a stunning mirror, perfect for your bathroom, entryway, or living room. But when you turn it on, it transforms into the central hub for your smart home, allowing you to control your environment and access the digital world with ease.


Do you want a stylish mirror or a cutting-edge smart device? With Savvy, you don’t have to choose. Enjoy the best of both worlds—form and function—in one beautifully crafted product

Turn Savvy into the Command Center of Your Life

Forget about small screens, single-purpose gadgets, and devices that don’t connect with each other. Savvy unites your entire digital world into one large, elegant, and easy-to-use 22-inch display, delivering a level of efficiency and convenience that is simply unmatched. With Savvy, managing your home and technology becomes a seamless experience.

Savvy’s versatility is truly limitless. It’s compatible with any Android-based app or device, giving you the flexibility to access and control whatever you need. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, checking the weather, adjusting your smart home devices, or browsing the web, Savvy makes it all accessible from one sleek, sophisticated interface.

Transform your living space with a smart mirror that doubles as the command central for your life. Savvy brings together style and technology in a way that redefines convenience

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