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Equipment List

Studio Software

Apple Mac M2 UltraS
Protools Ultimate
UAD Audio Plugin Suite
Waves Audio Plugin Suite
Soundtoys Audio Plugin Suite
Native Instruments Komplete 14
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Trillian and Sylus RMX
Ivory 2 Grand Piano
IK Multimedia Amplitube, SampleTank and MODO Bass
Celemony Melodyne Pitch Correction
Antares Autotune
Superior Drummer 3
Sonnox Oxford Mastering Limiter

Studio Hardware

Avid S1 and Avid Dock Surface controllers
Avalon VT737sp Tube Channel Strip
Avalon U5 Pure Class A Mono Instrument DI Pre-amp
API Channel Strip – (API 512c Mic Pre, 550A EQ, 527 Compressor, 325 Line Driver) (x2)
API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
Burl Audio B4 Quad Mic Preamps/Converters x 3
Radial Engineering DI’s – ProDI, PROD2, J48 Active DI
Radial Engineering X-Amp Active Reamp
Symetrix 528e Voice Processor
Line 6 POD X3 PRO Guitar Modeling (x2)
Roland RE-201 Chorus Echo
Berhinger X32 Digital Console – Live off the floor
Yorkeville Elite ES12P Speakers (FOH PA)
Yorkeville Elite ES18P Subwoofers (FOH PA)
Burl Audio Mastering Conversion
Neve Shelford Channel Preamp

Audio Reference Monitor Systems

Focal Solo6 Reference Audio Speakers
Yamaha NS10 Speakers
Yorkville Elite (drum wedges)
Yamaha DZR12 (FOH)
M&K MPS2520P Large Reference Monitors /w X12 Subwoofer
Acoustic Correction and treatment by Primacoustic


Gibson Les Paul ’92
Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar
Fender Stratocaster
Jackson Custom Electric Guitar
Taylor 310 Acoustic Guitar
Martin Dreadnaught Junior
Yamaki Acoustic Guitar
Fender Electric Bass
Hardman Baby Grand Piano
Roland TD-30 V-Drums
Lightfoot Custom Yamaha Acoustic Drums
Mapex Maple Drum Set
Roland HP704 Upright Piano


Advanced Audio
U87 Mic
AKG D112 (2)
AKG C414 B-ULS Vintage
AKG C414 XL2
Audio Techinca
Audio Technica
Electro Voice
Neuman KM184 (2)
Neuman M149
Neuman TLM103
Neuman TLM102
Rode NT2
Senheisser MD504 (4)
Senheisser MD421
Senheisser e9
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58 (4)
Shure PZM Beta 91A

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