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Since 1979, Focal has been a pioneer in audio innovation, designing and developing high-quality audio systems in its Saint-Etienne workshops. From hi-fi speakers for the home to home cinema systems, car and yacht speakers, professional studio monitors, and outdoor audio solutions, Focal is internationally recognized for its expertise in acoustics, exclusive technologies, and relentless drive for innovation.

Jacques Mahul, Focal’s founder, has always believed in reproducing music as faithfully as the artist intended. This ethos fuels our ongoing research into loudspeakers, materials, and manufacturing processes to continually enhance sound quality. Our passion for acoustic excellence defines our work, with hi-fi loudspeakers forming the core of our business, whether it’s for musical creation through our Professional collection or sound reproduction with our Home and Motorities collections.


Focal’s acoustic engineers handle every aspect of product design, development, and engineering. To achieve cutting-edge results, we use advanced CAD software, an automotive-grade laboratory, dedicated machinery, and specialized production lines. Each loudspeaker leaving our French workshops undergoes rigorous testing, both by computer and by ear, ensuring unparalleled reliability and sound quality.

At Focal, we are committed to delivering an audio experience that exceeds expectations, capturing the true essence of music and sound.

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