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Smart home technology has grown at a remarkable pace, leading to a market that’s increasingly complex for consumers. In 2022, more than 130 million households in the United States owned a smart device, highlighting the need for a simplified smart home experience. This is where Matter steps in, offering a new industry standard that makes smart homes more accessible, interoperable, and secure, addressing many common issues in this rapidly expanding field.

Introducing Matter: The New Standard for Smart Homes Matter is a groundbreaking smart home standard designed to create a common language for smart devices, providing numerous benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.


Key Benefits of the Matter Smart Home Standard

  • Interoperability: With Matter, you can mix and match smart devices from different manufacturers, knowing they will work seamlessly together.
  • Simplicity: Matter-enabled devices are designed for easy setup and control, making the smart home experience more user-friendly and accessible to everyone.
  • Security: Matter incorporates advanced security technologies to protect your devices and personal information.

Embrace the future of smart homes with Matter and enjoy a more connected, efficient, and secure environment. As a company with over 130 years of experience, we’re excited to lead the way in bringing these innovations to light.

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