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Discover the Benefits of Home Automation with Innovolt

Home automation has revolutionized how we live. With just a touch, or even just your voice, you can control your environment in ways that seemed like science fiction only a decade ago. While the goal is simplicity and reliability, there’s a complex network of electronics working behind the scenes to make it happen.

However, these sophisticated electronics are highly sensitive and can be disrupted by fluctuations in power quality. Have you ever noticed your lights flickering on a hot summer day? That brief dimming could indicate an issue with your home’s electrical supply, potentially causing your entire system to crash, requiring a complete reboot. Even electromagnetic interference from your cell phone seeking signal can disrupt your home’s electronics.


The INV-1000 by Innovolt provides the clean, stable power that your home automation system needs to function smoothly. Even if you have a whole-house generator or solar power, there are moments of delay as they start up, leading to temporary power interruptions that can knock your system offline. The INV-1000 protects your technology from all power-related issues in your home, ensuring that everything “just works.”

To maximize the reliability and performance of your home automation system, ask your dealer about Innovolt’s INV-1000. Don’t let power quality issues interrupt your smart home experience—choose Innovolt for uninterrupted automation.

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