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Elevate your listening experience and transform your home into the ultimate high-fidelity audio space with a Marantz AV Receiver. Designed to enhance your music and movie experiences, Marantz products are engineered for audiophiles and enthusiasts seeking both exceptional sound quality and timeless elegance.

Marantz design is a harmonious blend of style and substance, reflecting the musical landscapes our products create. Our AV Receivers offer effortless control, precise power, and a warm, inviting sound that captivates listeners. The attention to detail is evident in the materials, textures, and overall feel of each piece, providing a premium haptic experience.


Our design philosophy centers on balance and symmetry, which is apparent in both the audio performance and the aesthetic. We use authentic components, carefully chosen and expertly combined, to craft Hi-Fi and AV equipment that stands the test of time. Each new Marantz product draws inspiration from our brand’s storied past while embracing the latest in audio technology.

When creating our latest lineup, we revisited the origins of Marantz, honoring the iconic models that established our reputation, such as the Models 7, 8, 9, and 10. Through meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious finishes, we bring together heritage, performance, and contemporary luxury in every product.

Discover the echoes of our legendary products throughout the Marantz lineup, where classic design meets cutting-edge innovation. With a Marantz AV Receiver, you’re not just listening to music or watching movies—you’re experiencing them in a way that only Marantz can deliver.

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