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At M&K Sound, we craft loudspeakers that sound just right, serving as versatile tools that excel with any genre of music or film soundtrack, whether in stereo or surround sound. Our mission is to create audio experiences that are as faithful and captivating as possible.

While other manufacturers were stuck in the past, building bulky, coffin-sized speakers, M&K Sound led the charge into the future with groundbreaking innovation. In 1976, we introduced the world’s first satellite/subwoofer system, aptly named David & Goliath. This revolutionary design redefined audio by combining compact satellite speakers with a powerful subwoofer, delivering unmatched sound quality in a smaller footprint.

The following year, M&K Sound made history again with the Volkswoofer, the world’s first subwoofer equipped with a built-in, dedicated power amplifier. This innovation set the stage for modern home audio systems and demonstrated our commitment to pushing boundaries in the industry.


Our journey began in 1973 when Walter Becker of Steely Dan approached M&K Sound to design a studio reference subwoofer and monitoring system for the mixing sessions of the iconic Pretzel Logic album. This collaboration resulted in the world’s first balanced dual-drive subwoofer, a breakthrough that contributed to the album’s success as a million-selling Top Ten hit. Pretzel Logic is now considered one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

At M&K Sound, we’re proud of our rich history of innovation and our dedication to creating loudspeakers that are universal and adaptable. Whether you’re listening to classic rock, orchestral symphonies, or immersive movie soundtracks, our products ensure you hear the sound the way it was meant to be heard: clear, powerful, and profoundly immersive.

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