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Monitor Audio

Phenomenal audio is more than just a collection of premium components. While top-quality metals and expert craftsmanship play a role, it’s the warmth—the human element—that makes audio truly special. At Monitor Audio, our mission is to infuse sound with emotion and human connection.

We are Monitor Audio. The people who bring warmth to audio. We’re intelligent, inventive, and authentic. Serious about sound, but never pretentious.

Striving for excellence without being elitist or condescending. We deliver premium products, but without the coldness you might expect. We’re a breath of fresh air compared to the noise of techy cliques and faceless corporations. We have our own voice, distinct and unique. We’re a group of passionate individuals.


We pour our hearts into everything we do. From product design to customer service, we care deeply about our work. We’re attuned to the needs of the people we serve. And we have one clear vision: To be the audio brand that’s accessible to everyone who seeks excellence in sound.

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