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Pakedge switches bring out the best in your connected devices by providing reliable wired connections and delivering power where you need it. Designed to handle AV network traffic at blazing-fast speeds, Pakedge switches ensure you experience smooth streaming without lag, jitter, or buffering in your audio and video content.

With Pakedge switches, you get the flexibility and reliability to create a robust home network, perfect for powering your devices and enabling seamless streaming, gaming, and more. Whether you’re building a high-end home theater or a connected smart home, Pakedge switches are designed to meet your needs with speed and efficiency.


Key Features:

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: Pakedge switches are engineered for silent or near-silent performance, making them perfect for noise-sensitive environments like home theaters or study rooms. You can enjoy high-speed networking without the distraction of loud cooling fans.
  • Pakedge Zones™ Technology: This feature allows you to separate different types of network traffic, preventing conflicts and maintaining high network speeds. By segmenting your network, you can ensure optimal performance for critical applications like streaming and gaming.

  • Seamless Cloud Integration: When integrated with the OvrC Cloud Management system, Pakedge switches offer remote management capabilities. Installers can remotely update, monitor, and maintain your network 24/7, ensuring peak performance and reducing the need for on-site visits.

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