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Sedna by Sinope

Sedna: The Most Comprehensive Water Leak Protection System

Sedna is designed to be the ultimate solution for water leak protection, offering unmatched features and functionality. Here’s why Sedna stands out as your best ally in preventing water damage:

The Most Advanced Self-Closing Smart Valve

Sedna’s smart water valve is the core of its water damage protection system. This innovative device operates independently—no gateway or control panel is required. It’s designed to work seamlessly with leak detectors and other Sinopé smart devices to provide complete protection against water damage.

The smart valve can automatically close in response to detected leaks, providing immediate and effective defense against water-related issues. With Sedna, you can rest assured that your home or business is protected from potential flooding or water damage, even when you’re not around.


Centralized Management of Multiple Units

Sinopé Smart Systems allows you to manage all of your Sedna water damage protection systems through a single, user-friendly interface. The centralized platform enables you to receive push notifications whenever a risk of water leak or frost is detected. You can also monitor the system’s status and track the performance of each component, ensuring that everything is functioning as it should.

With Sedna, you get complete control and oversight of your water protection systems from one centralized location, making it easier than ever to protect your property.

Choose Sedna for the most complete water leak protection system on the market. With its advanced self-closing smart valve and centralized management platform, you can prevent water damage and gain peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands.

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