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Séura: Harmonizing Design and Technology to Transform Spaces

In 2003, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson had a groundbreaking vision: to create a television that seamlessly blended design and technology. This idea took shape with the first TV Mirror prototype, developed in the Gilbertson garage. What began as a modest concept has since transformed into Séura, an award-winning manufacturer with a comprehensive and ever-evolving portfolio of mirror and TV solutions designed for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Over the years, as technology has continued to advance and become more integral to our daily lives, Séura’s vision has expanded. No longer is it just about bridging the gap between design and technology—Séura is focused on eliminating that gap entirely. This innovative approach seeks to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality in every product and project.


Séura’s commitment to harmonizing design and technology is evident in their diverse range of products, which are crafted to seamlessly integrate into any environment. From elegant TV Mirrors that enhance the look of a room while providing cutting-edge entertainment, to robust outdoor TVs that withstand the elements without compromising on style, Séura is at the forefront of innovative design.

The company’s goal is to ensure that every individual gets the most out of their space, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or outdoor patio. By focusing on creating products that are as beautiful as they are technologically advanced, Séura continues to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in home entertainment and beyond.

Discover the world of Séura, where design and technology are not just connected, but perfectly harmonized. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Séura is transforming the way we think about TVs and mirrors, ensuring that each product enhances both the form and function of every space it occupies.


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