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Sonance Invisible Series: The Pinnacle of “Designed to Disappear” Audio

The Sonance Invisible Series redefines the concept of discreet audio with speakers that are designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. These speakers are the culmination of the Sonance “Designed to Disappear” strategy, offering high-fidelity sound without visible hardware. The all-new Motion Flex Invisible Series introduces groundbreaking advancements in installation and audio quality, solidifying Sonance’s position as the unrivaled leader in discreet performance audio.


Motion Flex Technology

The Sonance Motion Flex Technology is a revolutionary approach to flat-paneled invisible speakers, incorporating several key innovations to deliver unparalleled sound quality while remaining completely out of sight. The technology includes:

  • Wave Flex Drive Unit: This high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer combination uses the bending-wave principle to create exceptionally smooth midrange tones and crystal-clear highs. It ensures that your music and audio content are reproduced with remarkable clarity.

  • Air Flex Woofer: The Air Flex Woofer couples a glass-fiber woofer with an acoustically inert diaphragm, creating a pocket of air that can be pushed without distortion. This design allows the woofer to deliver deep, powerful bass, ensuring a rich and immersive listening experience.

  • Acoustically Isolated Baffle: This innovative feature ensures that the speaker’s components are isolated from the surrounding structure, minimizing unwanted vibrations and resonance for optimal sound clarity.

  • Constant Directivity Crossover (CDX): The Sonance Constant Directivity Crossover provides smooth off-axis frequency response, resulting in nearly 180 degrees of horizontal and vertical dispersion. This means that the sound is evenly distributed across a wide area, allowing for a consistent listening experience regardless of where you are in the room.

With the Sonance Invisible Series, you can enjoy high-performance audio without the visual intrusion of traditional speakers. This makes them ideal for minimalist spaces, art installations, or any environment where aesthetics are as important as sound quality. Experience the pinnacle of discreet audio with Sonance Invisible Series and transform your space with sound that appears as if from nowhere.

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