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Cinema at Home: The BRAVIA Experience

Cinema is coming home, bringing the thrill of the big screen to your living room. With true-to-life picture quality and immersive surround sound, Sony’s BRAVIA series is designed to make movie nights an unforgettable experience. Dive into the action, feel the drama, and get closer to the characters as BRAVIA fills your space with captivating stories, stunning visuals, and soul-stirring sound. Make your living room a place where entertainment comes to life.

“Lens to Living Room”: Sony’s Cinematic Expertise

Sony’s commitment to quality begins at the source, with a deep involvement in every aspect of filmmaking—from shooting and post-production to broadcasting and cinema screenings. This comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking process allows Sony to bring the full cinematic experience to your home. With BRAVIA, you can experience the same clarity, color accuracy, and dynamic range that filmmakers intended, right in your living room.


Sustainability at the Forefront

Sony leads the industry in sustainable practices, being the first to eliminate polystyrene foam cushioning material for large TVs like the BRAVIA 9, an 85-inch 4K Mini LED TV. Instead of polystyrene foam, Sony uses Kaneka Green Planet, a biomass-derived biodegradable biopolymer from Kaneka Corporation, for cushioning material. This eco-friendly innovation decomposes in various environments, including soil and seawater, helping reduce environmental pollution caused by plastics.

Innovative Packaging Design

Sony’s approach to sustainability extends to packaging design, creating complex shapes to match product contours while ensuring impact resistance during transportation. This approach allows Sony to maintain the structural integrity of its large and heavy TVs while also reducing the overall environmental impact. By adopting innovative solutions like Kaneka Green Planet, Sony underscores its commitment to both high-quality products and a sustainable future.

Bringing Movies to Life

With BRAVIA, movies take on new dimensions of excitement and emotion. Feel the roar of explosions, the subtlety of whispers, and the richness of cinematic scores, all from the comfort of your home. The true-to-life picture quality captures every detail, while the immersive surround sound envelops you in a way that only Sony can deliver.

Experience cinema at home with Sony’s BRAVIA, where each viewing is an adventure, and every movie night is a special occasion. Enjoy your favorite films in a new light, hear them in a new way, and bring your family and friends together to share the magic of cinema.

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